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4D-MB: Mountain-Building Processes in 4-Dimensions - A German Priority Program in the European Alps (AlpArray)

The new Priority Program 2017 of the German Science Foundation (DFG) “Mountain-Building Processes in 4-Dimensions” will explore how processes of the mantle, crust and surface interact to form mountains during the collision of tectonic plates. It comprises a consortium of 22 interdisciplinary projects that encompass the fields of Seismology, Tectonics, Thermochronology, Petrology, Sedimentology, Basin Dynamics and Gravimetry. This consortium is embedded in the European AlpArray program which aims to probe the roots of the Alps in the heart of Europe. 4D-MB research is conducted at several sites in the Alps, arguably Europe’s most spectacular mountain belt and an excellent natural laboratory for testing ideas on feedbacks between plate reorganizations, surface processes and mountain building.