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The seismic data base in this SPP is generated in activity fields which entail operation of the AlpArray seismic station network covering the Alpine orogen both on land (activity A) and offshore-Liguria (activity B), as well as the deployment of the Swath D array at the transition between Eastern and Southern Alps (activity D).

This SPP will also provide data products such as processed data, tomographic models and geologic maps.

Seismic data

AlpArray data


EASI data (complementary AlpArray experiment - open access)


Swath D data


Data repository

The 4D-MB data repository is hosted at the GFZ Potsdam and was put in place for the 4D-MB SPP by Luigia Cristiano (FU Berlin/GFZ Potsdam) and her colleagues from the GFZ Dataservices (Damian Ulbricht & Kirsten Elger).

4D-MB Data Repository

Members of the 4D-MB SPP and members of the AlpArray Working Group are invited to submit data to the repository. Detailed instruction are provided here.

The username and password for submitting data is identical for all users. Username: mb4d19, password has been sent via mail or can be accessed via the member area. You can get access by contacting Emanuel Kästle (emanuel.kaestle@fu-berlin.de).


Georeferenced tectonic maps of the Alps and adjacent mountain belts can be found in the member area or can be directly downloaded here. There is a readme file included that explains how to use and cite these maps. If you do not have access to the member area or other questions regarding the maps, please contact Emanuel Kästle (emanuel.kaestle@fu-berlin.de).