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SPP-2017 (4DMB) - proposals for the second phase

For the second phase of the SPP-2017, 36 research proposals have been submitted (not including the coordination proposal).

The proposal abstracts are accessible via the member area.

Original invitation text

The Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) established the Priority Programme “Mountain Building Process in Four Dimensions (4D-MB)” (SPP 2017) and invites proposals for the second three-year funding period (2020–2023). The call and futher information are linked below.

On the 4.-5. June, a preparatory meeting was held in Berlin. A list of proposals presented during the meeting can be found unter "RELATED LINKS" further down. The full presentations are accessible in the member area (register by contacting Emanuel Kästle).

We invite everyone planning to submit a proposal to contact both Mark Handy (mark.handy@fu-berlin.de) and Emanuel Kästle (emanuel.kaestle@fu-berlin.de), and to send us a preliminary version of your proposal in electronic form by the 23. October and the final version after submission. We need these for writing the coordination proposal and organising the SPP presentation to the DFG panel.

If you have questions please contact the coordinator Mark R. Handy (mark.handy@fu-berlin.de) or the co-coordinator Emanuel D. Kästle (emanuel.kaestle@fu-berlin.de).

Questions on formal aspects can also be asked directly to Vanessa Creuzberg, DFG (vanessa.creuzberg@dfg.de). Do not forget to register in ELAN (electronic submission platform of the DFG) well before your planned submission date. Processing your registration request may take some time. More information can be found under the links below.