Dear colleagues,

thank you all for your participation in the Meeting in Frankfurt. It has been interesting to see first results and how the collaboration between different disciplines are starting to come to fruition. Below you will find an overview of some important information.

Meeting summary
You can find the meeting summary under this link, containing all the information on the program, upcoming events, keynotes and steering committee recommendations.

Meeting presentations
All meeting presentations have been uploaded onto our member area. If you do not have access yet, please write a mail to Emanuel Kästle ( If you do not want your presentation to be published in the member area, please let me know.

Summaries of results
Please send us a 1/2-page summary of the (envisaged) results of your current project, ideally focusing on the questions "what have we learned about mountainbuilding processes?". Please send us your reports no later than the 14th of December.

Proposals for the 2nd period
Please send us a 1/2-page (preliminary) proposal for your planned research project for the 2nd funding period by December 14th. We need this to come up with a call for the next round.

Gender equality funds
There is a special fund as part of the SPP dedicated to gender equality measures. Female researchers can get financial support for workshops on management, mentoring programs, networking events, etc. Parents can also apply for these funds if they need for example child care outside the usual opening hours of nursery schools/kindergartens (evenings, weekends, holidays, ...) or in order to install a home office. Even additional personal can be employed that helps parents with their professional work routine. More information from the DFG can be found here (in German only). Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Research Groups
We invite all participants to form research groups and get together in smaller sub groups. There is a fund within the SPP dedicated exclusively to this aim.

Workshop: Modeling the Alps
Boris Kaus and Georg Reuber from the University of Mainz invite all interested 4DMB members (students, postdocs, PIs) to a 3-day introduction into geodynamic modeling. No previous knowledge needed. More information can be found by clicking this link and in the attached flyer.

Workshop: The Alps for Non-Geologists
On the 31st of January and 1st of February, there will be the next SPP short course entitled "Geology for Non-Geologists". We will have a series of presentations from Expert-Geologists on the Alps and adjacent orogens that are aimed for participants from all kinds of geoscientific disciplines. A detailed program will follow soon. You can already pre-register using this link.

The PhD/PostDoc group photos can be found here.

Best regards,

Emanuel, Mark and Michael

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