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SPP 2017 “4D-MB”, preparatory meeting for 2nd phase

Dear colleagues,

Please take a moment to read this note.
The call for the 2nd phase will be opened by the DFG by the end of March. All who will submit a proposal for the 2nd phase of this SPP (2020-2023) should attend the preparatory meeting on June 4-5 (Tuesday-Wednesday) in Berlin. A preliminary schedule can be found on our website (see link below).

This meeting has two sets of presentations: (1) new, key results of the 1 st phase of this SPP; (2) proposals intended for the 2nd phase. All PIs -present and future- should attend.

What we need from each already existing SPP project is a short statement (bullet points) with the outstanding 3 results, the top 3 challenges and a list of publications in press, in review, and in preparation. These will form the basis for the scientific overview in the coordination proposal for the 2nd round of the SPP. We need this by the end of April, please. Thanks in advance and best wishes,

Mark Handy

Link to preliminary program

Where: Seminaris Campushotel Berlin, Dahlem
When: 04. June - 05. June 2019
Nearby hotels: Seminaris Campushotel Dahlem / Steglitz International / Novum Hotel Ravenna Steglitz

SPP/AlpArray meeting in November

Dates and location for the combined SPP/AlpArray meeting have been fixed: We will meet at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt am Main from the 13th to the 15th of November. A preliminary schedule will be shown soon on our website.

Best regards,

Emanuel, Mark and Michael

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