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Second phase of the 4DMB-SPP is about to start

We are happy to announce that the DFG has now officially started funding the second phase of 4DMB. Overall, we received very positive feedback from the international reviewer panel. The success rate of funding was around 70%.

We ask all successful PIs to notify us of their project duration and funded positions so we can list these on the website and introduce our newest members to the 4DMB community.

Special Issue of Alpine research in Solid Earth

The open access EGU journal Solid Earth has opened a special issue on

New insights on the tectonic evolution of the Alps and the adjacent orogens

The special issue is dedicated to state-of-the art research on the Alps and the adjacent orogens. It will improve our understanding of mountain-building processes and the past and ongoing tectonic evolution in the region. This multi- and interdisciplinary effort integrates geophysics, tectonics, petrology, geochronology, and basin and surface studies. The contributions highlight recent efforts to image deep structures, track motion and deformation of the crust and mantle through time and investigate the surface response to deep-seated processes. Thus, the volume will showcase results of the European AlpArray project, which featured a seismic station network with an unprecedented density in the Alpine region. We invite researchers from the AlpArray project and beyond, and from all fields to contribute to this volume.

Editors: Emanuel Kästle, Mark Handy, Giancarlo Molli, Anne Paul, Claudia Piromallo, Christian Sue, Mirijam Vrabec, and Charlotte Krawczyk

Authors can submit their contributions by using the online registration form on the SE website: The deadline for submission is 30th of December, 2020. Please tick the checkbox for the SI, so that your manuscript is directed accordingly.

We are looking forward to many contributions!

GeoUtrecht 2020: free, virtual DGGV conference including an Alpine session

The GeoUtrecht 2020 will be held as a virtual conference on 23–26th of August 2020. The virtual conference environment offers f2f meetings, an icebreaker party, public, plenary and session talks, an exhibition hall, a coffee shop and virtual networking rooms. In addition, a virtual meeting space will be available for any additional events you have in mind (e.g., working group meetings, section meetings, general assemblies, etc.). Please indicate the latter via the newly (re-)opened registration in ConfTool, so we can prepare it for you in advance.

There will be a session on 'The Alpine Orogen: Reconciling Recent Images of its Deep Structure and Crustal Tectonics' (3.7, co-convened by 4DMB members Thomas Meier and Eline Le Breton).

For more information and registration, please visit the conference website. The registration deadline is the 26th of June.

Project extensions due to Corona-related restrictions

If your project was affected by measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, you can apply to the DFG for a 3- month extension (including additional funds) in a simple and non-bureaucratic way. Just consult the following link for instructions (DFG information and application form 41.47). For extension that exceed 3 months, please get in contact with Frau Creuzberg (

Best regards,

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