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Project reports

We want to thank all SPP project members for their mid-term reports. They have been put on our website so we can show the progress that has been made in the SPP. This way we can easily update ourselves on the current status of the partner projects.

Published reports

It is recommended that you have a look at your published report to check the format and content and report all errors to Emanuel Kästle (

Upcoming events

To keep you updated on the ongoing activities and deadlines of the SPP we give here an overview of the most important dates. SPP related events/dates are highlighted.

Steering committee meeting

The 4DMB steering committee convened on the 13th of February to plan upcoming SPP events and to prepare the call for the 2nd round of this SPP. A short meeting summary appears on our website.

Special funds for parents and female researchers

As part of our SPP, we have access to special funds to support parents and female researchers with the aim to promote gender equality. These funds can be used to by female researchers to visit conferences that can otherwise not be paid for from the project budget or to take part in networking or mentoring activities. Parents can use these funds to pay for child care during conferences, field trips or vacations but also to create a home office or to employ a HiWi. More information (in German) can be found here. If you want to make use of this opportunity do not hesitate to contact either Mark ( or Emanuel (

Best regards,

Emanuel, Mark and Michael

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