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Special Issue in Solid Earth

New publications in the special issue on

New insights on the tectonic evolution of the Alps and the adjacent orogens

News from May 18, 2020

The special issue is dedicated to state-of-the art research on the Alps and the adjacent orogens. It will improve our understanding of mountain-building processes and the past and ongoing tectonic evolution in the region. This multi- and interdisciplinary effort integrates geophysics, tectonics, petrology, geochronology, and basin and surface studies. The contributions highlight recent efforts to image deep structures, track motion and deformation of the crust and mantle through time, and investigate the surface response to deep-seated processes. Thus, the volume will showcase results of the European AlpArray project, which has featured a seismic station network with an unprecedented density in the Alpine region. We invite researchers from the AlpArray project and beyond, and from all fields to contribute to this volume.

Editors: Emanuel Kästle, Mark Handy, Giancarlo Molli, Anne Paul, Claudia Piromallo, Christian Sue, Mirijam Vrabec, and Charlotte Krawczyk

A list of articles included in the special issue can be accessed via the SE website: https://se.copernicus.org/articles/special_issue1099.html

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