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4DMB Eastern Alps Field Transect 2022

News from Jul 01, 2022

This summer we will again host a 4DMB field transect of the Alps to visit some key geological locations in the Eastern and Southern Alps, and to explore and discuss orogenic processes (Preliminary program below). We will attempt to place the geology and surface processes in the context of some of impressive new seismological results of AlpArray, including the densified station network in Swath D. The field trip will involve a combination of riding and hiking, and will last from the 11th to the 15th of August, starting and finishing in Salzburg.

Programme Outline

11th of August: (Meet 18:00) Meet in Salzburg

12th of August: (09:00 Departure) Molasse Basin to the Tauern Window (Salzburg to Grossglockner) 

13th of August: Adria-Europe Indentation Tectonics (Grossglockner to Maltatal)  

14th of August: Periadriatic Faulting and active Adria-Europe Convergence 

15th of August (14:00 Arrival): Travel to Salzburg from Tarcento

The deadline for registration has now passed

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