Short course: Understanding the central Alpine-Mediterranean chain – a Primer

Participants will be introduced to mountain-building processes in the Alps and their adjacent chains and basins, as well as analogous mountain belts in other parts of the world. The course is directed especially at non-geologists in AlpArray to show how knowledge of rocks exposed at the surface is used to constrain the structure and evolution of the Alpine chains and their forelands. It provides a survey of the parts of the Alpine chain in the central Mediterranean area (Alps, Apennines, Carpathians, Dinarides) and discusses models of rifting, spreading, subduction and collision. Course material will draw heavily on the experience of the lecturers, who will review case studies and discuss the advantages, but also the pitfalls of state-of-the-art methods used to constrain the motion history leading to the present mountain belts and basins.

Early career scientists (postdocs and PhDs) in the SPP are expected to attend; their travel and hotel costs will be covered by the SPP. The course is also open to all members of the AlpArray community.

Link to Program and Registration

Where: FU Berlin, Geocampus Lankwitz, Building C
When: 31. January - 01. February 2019
Hotels close to the Campus: Steglitz International / Novum Hotel Ravenna Steglitz

Workshop: Let's model the (present-day) Alps

Boris Kaus and Georg Reuber from the University of Mainz invite interested 4DMB members (students, postdocs, PIs) to a 3-day introduction into geodynamic modeling.

What you will learn:

The official registration deadline already expired, so if you're interested be quick to ask whether you can still participate. Just write a mail to Boris Kaus ( and Georg Reuber (

New data manager

We are happy to announce that Dr. Luigia Cristiano, formerly a PostDoc at the University of Kiel will join the SPP for the following 6 month to establish a data management system for our SPP. You will soon hear from her, regarding the data sets you plan to collect or collected already.

Meeting with the Mrs. Sonntag (DFG)

The steering committee will meet with Mrs. Iris Sonntag from the DFG in January/February in order to prepare the call for the 2nd period of the SPP. Please do not forget to send us your preliminary proposals soon.

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