Newsletter May 2018

Liebe Alpinistinnen und Alpinisten,

Here is an update on our 4D-MB:

As announced, I am offering a field trip across the Eastern Alps from the 8th to the 12th of September. We will start from Munich. The detailed itinerary will appear on the 4D-MB website under the link There are 20 participants who have signed up. Costs of transport during the trip, as well as room and board will be covered by the SPP.

A new AlpArray Working Group on “Seismotectonics in the Southern and Eastern Alps” has been launched in collaboration with colleagues at the OGS in Trieste. Once the group is approved by the steering committee, a description of the research goals will appear on the AlpArray website under the link All in our SPP are welcome to join. I have take taken the liberty of listing names of those amongst you who have projects in the area so that you will be informed of activities.

We revamped the 4D-MB website. The biggest change is the addition of pull downs for Data and Publications. Please make sure to send Emanuel any and all publications related directly or indirectly to 4D-MB and AlpArray and a link to access these publications. An up-to-date list of our publications is very important for our visibility and is requisite for a second funding term.

Georeferenced maps of the Alps for use or modification in your publications can be downloaded from the Data pulldown on the 4D-MB website ( They are ready for use in PYTHON, GMT, MATLAB and ARCGIS formats. The site includes an example of how to cite the maps, as well as a description of their layered attributes, and a list of other maps in the literature.

Upcoming meetings to note in your calendars are listed on the 4D-MB website ( They include -most importantly- our SPP Meeting in Frankfurt on the 8th and 9th of November.

Best wishes for a productive summer!

Mark, Emanuel, Michael

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